A breakthrough recombinant collagen platform for life science applications

VECOLLAN®: A recombinant collagen that is safe, sustainable, highly soluble and commercially scalable

Evonik has developed VECOLLAN®, an advanced recombinant collagen platform that is made via fermentation-based processes and devoid of animal- or human-derived materials. It will, for the first time, provide medical, pharmaceutical, cell culture and tissue engineering markets with a highly soluble and highly pure form of collagen that is safe, sustainable and commercially scalable. VECOLLAN® features a triple helix structure and other tunable properties that are designed to mimic many of the attributes of natural collagen so that it can reliably interact with cells and tissues and be readily absorbed or remodeled by the body. It is also designed for supply in a range of forms or shapes, and to be compatible with a range of processing and cross-linking technologies. Get in touch with us using the contact button on the side to learn more about the platform, or to request an R&D sample.

Evonik’s recombinant collagen platform is differentiated from other animal or biosynthetic sources

Animal-sourced collagen, currently the main source of collagen for use in life sciences applications, can be associated with batch-to-batch variability, potential transmission of diseases or pathogens, adverse immunogenic or allergic reactions, and non-sustainable sourcing methods. By comparison, our VECOLLAN® recombinant collagen can be produced under precisely controlled conditions via an established fermentation-based process. In addition to being sustainable and suitable for vegan use, this process delivers a high level of purity that is easily reproducible at any R&D, clinical or commercial scale. In addition to ensuring batch-to-batch reproducibility, the VECOLLAN® platform is designed to provide customers with a source of medical or pharmaceutical-grade biomaterial that is highly soluble at physiological pH and available to customers to support the development and scale-up of their life science applications.

VECOLLAN® has possibilities in the following application areas:

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A collagen designed to enhance your medical, pharmaceutical and other life science applications

Our VECOLLAN® recombinant collagen is highly biocompatible and features a range of highly tunable mechanical and biological properties that make it suitable for use in a range of forms, shapes and cross-linking technologies. Evonik can work with you to provide the collagen as a powder, liquid solution or hydrogel, as well as other potential forms including microparticles, fibers or meshes, and sponges thanks to the high processability of the platform. It is also designed to be compatible with a range of process technologies including lyophilization, 3D printing, electrospinning and microencapsulation. 

Development, scale-up and manufacturing services for your product applications complementing recombinant collagen supply

Evonik is one of the world’s leading strategic partners and solution providers for implantable medical devices, drug delivery, cell culture and tissue engineering applications. Services we can offer include the synthesis, design and production of biomaterials according to ISO 13485 requirements. Processing support includes the rapid prototyping of samples with a range of 3D printing technologies, as well as the analysis of thermal, surface, mechanical and molecular properties, and studies to assess factors including biocompatibility, bioavailability and stability. We offer also the development and cGMP manufacturing of complex oral and parenteral drug products including those based upon microparticles, nanoparticles and drug-loaded implants.

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