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At Evonik, we know that developing medical devices requires a deep understanding of processing. Our next generation biomaterials can be worked with in a range of process technologies, and we offer support and capabilities, as well as technical service centers to understand the challenges our customers face. Our goal is to provide customers with the resources they need to create innovative and effective medical devices that improve patient outcomes.

For over two decades, Evonik has led the global market in advanced biomaterials for additive manufacturing, providing an unmatched range of 3D-printable biomaterials for medical devices with both temporary and permanent body contact.

Our portfolio, including the high-performance PEEK-based VESTAKEEP® filaments and the bioresorbable RESOMER® line, caters to diverse medical applications.

Evonik offers biomaterials suitable for two different types of 3D Printing: filaments for Material Extrusion 3D printing like Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) or Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), and powders for Powder Bed Fusion 3D Printing, such as Selective Laser Sintering (SLS).

Evonik offers a range of biomaterials suitable in compounding for medical devices, including specialty polymers, additives, and processing aids. These solutions can be used to enhance the performance of medical device materials, such as improving biocompatibility, mechanical strength, and thermal stability.

We deliver a range of compounding services, encompassing material selection, preparation, equipment setup, and raw material supply. Our capabilities extend to crafting custom biomaterial shapes such as granules, powders, filaments, tubes, yarns, and medical textiles, alongside providing both standard and tailored compounding services for injection and compression molding projects.

Evonik offers several biomaterials that can be processed using electrospinning. For instance, the RESOMER® line of bioresorbable polymers is suitable for electrospinning, allowing the creation of non-woven fibers, finely tuned in terms of diameter, porosity, and surface area.

Evonik offers several biomaterials suitable for extrusion, including the VESTAMID®, VESTAKEEP®, TROGAMID® Care, and RESOMER® product lines. VESTAMID® compounds enable the production of diverse extruded shapes such as high-quality profiles and tubing, optimized for smooth processing on standard extrusion equipment.

Our VESTAKEEP® PEEK polymers and compounds, suitable for both injection molding and extrusion, meet the most stringent medical application demands and are available in granular and powder forms for various processing methods. TROGAMID® Care provides exceptional processing flexibility and thermal resistance for both injection molding and extrusion, while our RESOMER® line adapts seamlessly to standard extrusion technologies, allowing for the creation of bioresorbable devices with tailored mechanical properties.

Evonik offers advanced biomaterials for creating high-quality medical device parts, which can be processed by injection molding. Our VESTAMID® compounds are crafted for precision in injection molding, allowing for the production of intricate components on standard machines.

For the most demanding applications, VESTAKEEP® PEEK polymers and compounds offer unmatched performance, available in granular form for injection molding and extrusion, with specialized powder grades for coatings and sintering. TROGAMID® Care stands out with its thermal resistance and processing versatility, while our RESOMER® bioresorbable polymers are tailored for standard injection molding, perfect for devices requiring specific mechanical properties.

Evonik offers biomaterials that can be processed using particle technology. By collaborating closely with our clients, we meticulously refine the manufacturing process to achieve the precise particle characteristics required, such as size, shape, roughness, and mechanical properties, ensuring that the end product impeccably aligns with the desired specifications.

Our next-generation biomaterials can be used in textile processing, suitable for medical applications such as sutures, meshes, and yarns for cardiovascular stents and surgical procedures.

Our RESOMER® line stands out for its biocompatibility and adaptability, designed for seamless integration with standard textile manufacturing processes like extrusion and weaving. These bioresorbable polymers are customizable to degrade at predetermined rates, ensuring they meet the specific needs of fast-degrading applications, while also delivering the requisite strength and flexibility for monofilament and multifilament yarns in various surgical devices.

From the precision of injection molding to the customizability of textile processing, our advanced solutions are designed to accelerate the path from concept to market, embodying our vision of creating a life beyond limits. Evonik is the innovation hub that transforms your medical device concepts into realities that advance human health and well-being. Please contact us to find out how we can support your needs with our customized solutions.

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