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As a global leader in biomaterials and process technologies, we offer a comprehensive suite of product development and application support services designed to optimize the safety, performance, and biocompatibility of your medical devices. Our technical experts leverage decades of market leadership in biomaterials to create tailored solutions that meet your specific needs at every stage of the design and scale-up process.

Evonik's Analytical Services offer comprehensive characterizations and mechanical testing, ensuring the highest standards of safety and performance for your medical devices, including those made from our RESOMER® portfolio of resorbable biomaterials.

Our Application Support extends beyond prototyping, encompassing full-scale manufacturing process transfer and in vitro data support for bioresorbable polymers and medical device applications.

With our Component Manufacturing services, we deliver precision-engineered components, leveraging our expertise in textile manufacturing and RESOMER® biomaterials for medical devices.

Evonik specializes in the production of customized polymers, including RESOMER®, Endexo®, Vecollan®, and Biocellic+, ensuring tailored solutions for your medical applications.

Our Polymer Processing capabilities encompass advanced techniques for the creation of bioresorbable devices, backed by rigorous sterilization support and degradation studies.

We provide rapid Prototyping services for RESOMER® and other biomaterials, accelerating the development process from concept to clinical application.

Evonik's Regulatory Services include Master Files (MAFs) maintained as Technical Dossiers, with a commitment to Quality and Regulatory Excellence, including ISO certifications and GMP standards.

Evonik is a full service biomaterials solution provider to the medical device industry. As a CMO we support our customers at different stages of their medical device project, e.g.

  • Polymer synthesis and design
  • Processing optimization
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Production of medical device parts

At Evonik, we are more than just a supplier; we are your partner in innovation, committed to helping you navigate the complexities of medical device development and accelerate your speed to market. Our responsive project support, rooted in science and driven by continuous innovation, is ready to empower your next medical breakthrough. Let's collaborate to create a life beyond limits.

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