A full biomaterials solution provider to medical device companies 

Product development and application support to optimize the safety, performance and biocompatibility of your medical devices

If you are seeking to reduce program complexity, improve safety and performance, or accelerate speed to market during the design and development of a bioresorbable medical device, then consider partnering with the technical experts at Evonik. Leveraging our decades of market leadership for bioresorbable polymers, we have created an extensive portfolio of application services that can support you during each stage of the medical device design and scale-up process. Services available across our global network of medical device labs and competence center include:

  • Polymer synthesis and design
  • Processing optimization
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Production of medical device parts

A broad range of conventional thermal processing and advanced 3D printing processing equipment can help you to design and develop the ideal biomaterial, while various analytical systems can help to refine degradation rates or characterize mechanical and other properties. All of these capabilities can be tailored into a service project that matches your specific project requirements.

Modern equipment, labs and advanced capabilities that can create value during each project stage of your medical device design and development project

Our medical device labs contain the right polymer synthesis and design capabilities and processing equipment to help you rapidly develop new biomaterials, optimize techniques and fabricate material specimens. In addition to conventional thermal processing equipment utilized for extrusion, compounding and injection molding, we have established advanced 3D printing capabilities for:

  • Selective laser sintering
  • Fused filament fabrication
  • Bioplotters
  • Electrospinning

We can also help you to:

  • Analyze and characterize mechanical, thermal, surface or chemical properties
  • Undertake degradation studies
  • Design sterilization methods
  • Refine your regulatory and manufacturing strategies

Additional processing services available include the supply of biomaterials in shapes such as granules, powders, filaments, tubes, yarns, or as medical textiles.


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Our Medical Device Competence Center in the U.S. and Application Labs in Germany and China can provide reliable, responsive project support

Evonik’s Medical Device Competence Center (MDCC) at Birmingham in the U.S. State of Alabama features state-of-the-art labs and cGMP (ISO Class 8) clean room production to support biomaterial and process development and optimize the design and performance of new and current medical device applications. The MDCC boasts a large team of polymer scientists, chemists, biomedical engineers, process engineers and other technical experts who leverage a range of conventional and advanced processing technologies to support medical device companies in the design and development of next-generation biomaterials and products. In addition to molding, compounding and testing, a range of 3D printing and extrusion-based processing services are available to support the rapid creation of sample parts, and the customized production of tubes and other components for use across various application areas. Our application labs in Shanghai, China and Darmstadt, Germany also provide a range of design and development services and are equipped with cGMP Class 8 clean room production suites.

A multitude of processing service options to address your specific medical device design and development requirements

A range of material and processing considerations are required to optimize the design and functional performance of bioresorbable medical devices. We can create tailored service packages that leverage our core competencies across these and other areas to optimize your device design and commercialization pathway. Standard processing services are available for compounding, injection molding and compression molding projects, where teams can support you in areas such as:

  • Material selection
  • Preparation
  • Drying
  • Equipment setup
  • Raw material supply

We can also provide extrusion services for profile including tubes, filaments and other complex shape. Furthermore, project services can be conducted across a range of 3D printing processes including SLS, FFF and bioplotters, and electrospinning, to support the creation and supply of samples as well as related design files. Various standard and custom powders can be supplied at either technical or GMP-grade utilizing our advanced powder printing capabilities. Get in touch if you have an individual project you would like to talk about with an expert.

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