Enhancing Medical Device Performance with Evonik's Compounding Solutions

Evonik is a global leader in the field of specialty compounding for medical devices, offering a range of services to advance the medical technology industry. Our Medical Device Competence Center (MDCC) in Birmingham, Alabama, along with our labs in Shanghai and Darmstadt, are equipped with cutting-edge facilities to support biomaterial and process development. With over two decades of expertise, we provide a comprehensive range of compounding services, from material selection and preparation to equipment setup and raw material supply.

We specialize in creating custom biomaterial shapes, including granules, powders, filaments, tubes, and yarns, as well as medical textiles. Additionally, we offer standard and custom compounding services for injection molding and compression molding projects.

Our expert blending of RESOMER® polymers tailors material properties to your exact specifications, balancing strength, flexibility, and biodegradability. We provide masterbatches of colored RESOMER® and our RESOMER® Composite Select delivers innovative, ready-to-use composite pellets, combining RESOMER® with osteoconductive ceramics for enhanced bone growth compatibility.

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