Transforming Medical Technology with Evonik's Electrospinning Solutions

Evonik's electrospinning capabilities enable the production of non-woven fibers with exceptional control over fiber diameter, porosity, and surface area. Evonik’s portfolio includes the RESOMER® line of bioresorbable polymers, which can be processed by electrospinning.

Evonik's electrospinning technology also enables bioresorbable meshes ideal for wound healing applications for rapid evaluation of material properties and swift prototyping. Combined with 3D printing, this process supports sample creation and supplies precise design files to expedite development in medical innovation.

Additionally, we offer a variety of processing services to ensure that biomaterials are tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers' medical device designs. Our expertise spans material selection, preparation, drying, and equipment setup, ensuring that every aspect of the electrospinning process is optimized for the desired application. Evonik offers unparalleled support, from the supply of high-quality biomaterials to the customization of processing techniques.

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