Extrusion is a method of shaping materials by forcing them through a die or a nozzle under high pressure and temperature. Extrusion can produce various shapes and sizes of products, such as tubes, rods, wires, films, sheets, and profiles.

Evonik's extrusion process expertise is exemplified through our VESTAMID®, VESTAKEEP®, TROGAMID® Care and RESOMER® product lines, designed to meet the rigorous demands of medical device manufacturing.

VESTAMID® compounds are engineered for versatility, enabling the production of high-quality profiles, tubing, including multilayer tubing, and other complex extruded shapes. These materials are optimized for conventional three-zone screws with a minimum length of 24 D, ensuring smooth processing and top-tier product outcomes. Additionally, alternative screw designs like barrier screws can be employed for specialized extrusion requirements, further showcasing our adaptability in process technologies.

For the most demanding medical applications, our VESTAKEEP® PEEK polymers and compounds stand out with their exceptional performance. Suitable for injection molding and extrusion, these PEEK materials are primarily processed in granular form, with powder grades available for coatings, laser sintering, and compression molding. Our advanced test centers are fully equipped to handle all common processes, ensuring that VESTAKEEP® meets the highest standards for medical technology.

TROGAMID® Care is another example of Evonik's superior biomaterials, offering remarkable processing flexibility and thermal resistance, making it ideal for both injection molding and extrusion applications. Furthermore, our RESOMER® portfolio, known for its advanced processing capabilities, is easily adaptable to standard extrusion technologies. It allows for the creation of bioresorbable medical devices with precise mechanical properties to match the specific needs of various medical applications. For RESOMER®, we offer both standard and customized filaments.

Our customized filaments are meticulously crafted to order, drawing from the extensive RESOMER® portfolio to match your exact specifications for performance and functionality. Moreover, we specialize in creating tailor-made components, including sheets, ribbons, and bars, all designed to integrate seamlessly with your medical devices or applications.

Evonik's comprehensive processing services, including material selection, preparation, and equipment setup, are tailored to support the development and optimization of your medical devices. Whether you require monofilament for medical textiles or complex extruded components, we are equipped to assist you from concept to commercialization.

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