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VESTAMID® Care polyamide resins for medical applications are versatile and simple to process, and reliable and safe for various applications.

Two custom designed product lines

We offer two product lines for medical applications that are USP Class VI certified:

  • VESTAMID® Care ML grades are polyamide 12 compounds
  • VESTAMID® Care ME grades are polyamide 12 elastomers

Both lines are resistant to body fluids and are toxicologically safe.

More VESTAMID® grades are available for medical parts that will not come into direct contact to body fluids and blood. Please contact us for more details.

Properties of VESTAMID®

  • High bursting strength excellent chemical resistance
  • Slow sliding friction
  • High toughness
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Low processing tolerances

High quality and low processing tolerances in the extrusion process make VESTAMID® Care ME and VESTAMID® Care ML excellent materials for catheter production. The specialty polyamide12 compounds and elastomers are especially resistant to chemicals, compatible with body fluids, and innocuous. They meet the medical products requirements of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the European Union, and can be sterilized by conventional methods.

Because the materials are used mainly in dilatation catheters, the mechanical properties are particularly important: The finished catheter must be easy to thread but must not buckle and never burst. VESTAMID® Care ME and VESTAMID® Care ML ensure that these requirements are satisfied through a combination of pliancy and flexibility with strength, toughness, and high bursting pressure.

VESTAMID® Care - a strong portfolio of bioresorbable polymers for many different applications

VESTAMID® Care can be used in different application areas, such as:

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Quality and approvals

Evonik has established a product portfolio that is build on the specific quality, process and performance requirements by the medical industry.

Environmental Compatibility and Safety

All VESTAMID® Care products are manufactured by the High Performance Polymers Business Line. A certificate states that it has implemented and maintains an environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2009.

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