Bonding Grades


Flexible Multi-Layer Catheter Tubing through co-extruding and reflowing bondable VESTAMID® Care PEBA directly to Daikin Neoflon® EFEP in one step process without the need for adhesives and surface treatments.

Evonik and Daikin have created a complementary product technology for the medical device market in angioplasty and guidewire catheter application: A PEBA-Fluoropolymer Multi-Layer Catheter Tubing in One-Step Coextrusion.

Evonik’s bonding grade VESTAMID® Care ME-B grades cover a range of polyether-block-amides (PEBA) with different flexibility & hardness, which were specially modified to adhere to Daikin Neoflon® EFEP RP-5101 without the need for any adhesive. Compared to our competitive  PEBA grades, Bonding Grades VESTAMID® Care ME-B offers excellent thermal stability, resilient bonding strength, and lower discoloration from high process heat.

Benefits of this combination

  • One step direct coextrusion with fluoropolymers
  • Excellent Bonding Strength
  • Design flexibilities to offer new catheter structures
  • Elimination of Multi-Step Extrusions
  • Elimination of expensive adhesives
  • Elimination of surface treatment


This collaboration will help in advancing catheter applications and the medical technology industry.

Further information on VESTAMID® CARE

Quality and approvals

Evonik has established a product portfolio that is build on the specific quality, process and performance requirements by the medical industry.

Environmental Compatibility and Safety

All VESTAMID® Care products are manufactured by the High Performance Polymers Business Line. A certificate states that it has implemented and maintains an environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2009.

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