biocellic® - a strong portfolio of bioresorbable polymers for many different applications

The base material of our biosynthetic cellulose is marketed under the brand name biocellic®. It is soft, flexible, moist and cool, and can be produced in numerous shapes and sizes, making it ideal for custom developments. 

We manufacture biocellic® from sugar using a biotechnological fermentation process. Thanks to its very fine fiber network, this natural renewable biopolymer of pure cellulose has unique material properties. biocellic® can be produced in the form of fleeces, films or fiber suspensions and it can be tailored to different applications.

biocellic® can be used in many different application areas, such as

Discover the features of biocellic®

We can work with you to develop your desired solution using our biosynthetic cellulose base material biocellic®. Whether you are looking for a drug delivery or medical device solution, biocellic® can be used in a broad range of applications that benefit human health.

Benefits of biocellic® include:

  • Controlled adjustment of special properties during biosynthesis
  • No cytotoxic or sensitizing effects - demonstrated in tests according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 and DIN EN ISO 10993-10
  • No influence on cell proliferation - as shown by in vitro biocompatibility tests with blood cells and cell cultures 
  • No genotoxicity or haemolytic behavior

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