Specialty polybutylene terephthalate compounds


The polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) compounds VESTODUR® comprise a series of products that have been carefully adapted to the requirements of their applications.

  • Some compounds have a low melt viscosity that is needed for injection molding applications. Others feature medium and high melt viscosities that are well suited for extrusion processing.
  • Products of the GF range are glass fiber-reinforced that increase stiffness and dimensional stability upon exposure to heat.
  • Compounds branded with FR contain non-migrating and non-corrosive flame retardants (free of brominated biphenyls or diphenylethers) permitting the production of self-extinguishing resins. These compounds are UL-listed (Underwriters Laboratories), partially up to 0.4 mm wall thickness or with up to 50% regrind.
  • Flame-retardant compounds that are free of halogens and phosphorus are also available.
  • Various products are laser-markable.

Specialty VESTODUR® polybutylene terephthalate compounds are licensed for direct contact with active ingredients. These compounds are easy to process and the moldings made of them are dimensionally stable. They feature low sliding friction. Thus, on the one hand, dimensionally stable housings like pipette housings and functional components of inhalers can be made with them. But VESTODUR® is also suitable for processing with the melt-blow process, where the structure of the non-wovens produced can be adjusted. They are used as blood filters, for example.

Find out more about how VESTODUR® can be used in medical equipment applications.

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