Bioresorbable polymers used in bone fixation devices

RESOMER® Composite

Bioresorbable polymers developed for use in the production of bone fixation devices

RESOMER® Composites combine the osteoconductive properties of calcium phosphate-based additives with Evonik’s 30 year track record of efficacy, safety, biocompatibility and supply security for its RESOMER® portfolio of bioresorbable polymers.

Developed for use in the production of bone fixation devices such as interference screws, suture anchors and fracture plates, RESOMER® Composite products feature precise degradation rate profiles to encourage faster patient healing, and mechanical properties such as elastic modulus that are tailored to match the natural bone to minimize stress shielding and reduce inflammation.

A range of standard product grades with calcium-phosphate material options including Hydroxyapatite (HA), beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) and Bicalcium phosphate (BCP) will be available under the RESOMER® Composites line.

RESOMER® Select also provides customers with a range of composite options to address specific material or application requirements.

They are supplied as ready-to-use pellets that are easy to process for a uniform additive distribution, and are also radiolucent to avoid potential interference with MRI equipment.

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