RESOMER® Select: Custom biodegradable polymers for medical devices

Custom polymer development - truly empowering innovation

Our understanding of APIs, delivery systems and manufacturing processes enables us to develop novel polymers which will allow you to manufacture innovative drug delivery systems or medical devices.

In the formulation of customized polymers we look at monomers and their respective ratios, polymer chain end groups, PEG contents and targeted specifications, to meet your exact needs.

As partner to the pharma and medical device industry, we are privy to the constant advances in API development but also the expanding knowledge of how the body works and finds ways of repairing itself. Our vocation is to fill the technology gap between the potential solutions our customers develop and the actual solutions that help patients get better sooner and with fewer trade-offs.

The areas we look forward to exploring with you are:

Smart biomaterials:

  • dynamically responsive biomaterials
  • conductive polymers
  • biomaterials for cellular production
  • biomaterials and scaffolding for bone & neural regeneration
  • cardiovascular biomaterials

And drug delivery systems:

  • nanomaterials
  • implants
  • high-potency API delivery
  • ophthalmic biomaterials
  • orthopedic biomaterials
  • dental biomaterials
  • tissue engineering

Besides supplying the bioresorbable polymers, we can work with you in developing the right and extended depot formulation and manufacture sophisticated injectable products.

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