DEGACRYL® bead polymers

Our DEGACRYL® types are bead polymers based on PMMA produced by suspension polymerization. 

DEGACRYL® - a strong portfolio of bioresorbable polymers for many different applications

DEGACRYL® can be used in different application areas:

Depending on the application, our homo- and copolymer beads are formulated with different monomers, initiators, pigments, crosslinkers or activators and polymerized to diverse products.

Important characteristics and specifications

  • Composition (homopolymer/copolymer)
  • Bead size
  • Viscosity/molecular weight 
  • Peroxide content (initiator)
  • Water content

Our products are fundamentally characterized by a very narrow bead size distribution. This advantage results in stable and dependable process parameters.

DEGACRYL® has a very narrow bead size distribution
REM image of DEGACRYL®
REM image of DEGACRYL®
REM Close up of DEGACRYL®
REM Close up of DEGACRYL®

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