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Bioresorbable polymers bring a smile to patients and dentists

by Mahrokh Dadsetan, Jian-Feng Zhang, Cécile Boudot and Caroline Lauret | July 2023

Dentistry and periodontal surgery have been at the forefront of the development and use of bioresorbable biomaterials for several decades. This article discusses the exciting future prospects for bioresorbable dental devices.

Rejuvenating and regenerating the skin with biodegradable polymers

by Caroline Lauret | June 2023

A person’s skin can often give an indication of their overall well-being and health. Biomaterial technologies used for treating wounds, scars and to counteract skin aging have progressed rapidly in recent years. This article examines two aspects of sustainable skin self-healing: the use of non-animal-derived collagen for tissue regeneration, and the use of bioresorbable polymer powders to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production.

Consider biosynthetic cellulose for wound management, implants & drug delivery

Interview with Uwe Beekmann | April 19, 2022

Biosynthetic cellulose is a nature-identical material that is bioengineered by bacteria. In this article, Evonik’s Uwe Beekmann discusses the applications of this versatile material in wound dressings, implantable materials and drug delivery systems.


With Dr. Thiago Borges | March 24, 2022
Orthopedic Design & Technology

In this article on the application of additive manufacturing in complex orthopedic implants and components, Sam Brusco, Associate Editor at ODT, draws on expertise from a number of key companies working in the medical device space. Evonik’s Thiago Borges contributes with insights into RESOMER® PrintPowder for 3D printing.

How evonik wants to turn an innovation from veterinary medicine into a better quality of life for human patients

by Janusz Berger | April 2021

To relieve dogs and even cats from pain and to regain their natural agility, the Swiss company KYON markets an innovative hip prosthesis based on the high-performance polymer VESTAKEEP® PEEK from Evonik. Collaborating with potential medical device manufacturers, the specialty chemicals company now wants to transfer its material expertise and application knowledge from veterinary use to human medicine.

Giving teeth to the issue

by Janusz Berger | December 2020

Despite better cleaning habits and timely prophylaxis, at some time or other most people have to  grit their teeth and visit a dentist. It’s a good thing that dentists not only have modern tools and technology to work with, but also materials that correspond to natural  teeth in terms of function and appearance.

Custom implants from the 3D printer

April 8, 2020
Plastics Insights

In no other field the possibilities and advantages of 3D printing are more pronounced than for medical devices. With the right high-performance materials, complex patient-customized implants can be produced that medical doctors are using to push the boundaries of the possible – for the benefit of patients.

The 3-D printing industry tries to make body parts

With Marc Knebel | November 24, 2019
Chemical & Engineering News

While 3-D printing is fast becoming a technology of choice for making industrial tools, prototypes, and finished goods, medicine may turn out to be the application with the most impact on the lives of everyday people.

A winning combination: How Evonik's copolymers combine mechanical strength with rapid degradation

With Cécile Boudot & Martin Bindl | November 6, 2019
Medical Plastic News

In this article our experts talk about Evonik's line of PLA-PEG copolymers which combine mechanical strength with rapid degradation.

Why Evonik believes they are ready to support personalised, bioresorbable implant device applications

With Thiago Borges | June 7, 2019
Medical Plastic News

In this article Thiago Borges from Evonik's Medical Device Competence Center explains why Evonik is ready to support the standard and custom biomaterial and technology requirements of customers for the streamlined development and scale-up of advanced, personalised bioresorbable implant device applications.

Disappearing world: How bioresorbable materials help improve patient outcomes

With Sabine Fleming | December 4, 2017
Medical Plastic News

In this article Evonik's Sabine Fleming explains how medical device companies can use bioresorbable materials to develop devices which improve patient outcomes.

Soak it up: Examining bioabsorbable polymers in healthcare

May 18, 2017
Medical Plastic News

Bioabsorbable polymers have a range of uses in modern healthcare. Evonik looks at the growth of this material and its inclusion in life-saving products across the last 30 years.

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