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TROGAMID® Care are the high-transparency polymers that Evonik offers for medical technology. The products, based on the TROGAMID® CX series, have been successfully subjected to special tests for medical devices.

TROGAMID® Care - a strong portfolio of bioresorbable polymers for many different applications

TROGAMID® Care grades represent a range of both amorphous and microcrystalline transparent polyamides for processing via extrusion or injection molding.


Microcrystalline TROGAMID® Care MX is the material of choice for all applications dealing with pharmaceutical formulations, lipids or aggressive disinfectants, since it exhibits an exceptional resistance towards chemicals and stress-cracking. Examples include fluid and drug delivery equipment such as stop-cocks, dialyzer parts, housings, covers or hearing aids.

Target areas of application for TROGAMID® Care MX compounds include fluid and drug delivery systems, surgical instruments, housings, monitoring and imaging devices and durable medical equipment.

Main characteristics of TROGAMID®

  • High transparency- High chemical resistance
  • Very good stress crack resistance
  • UV resistance
  • High dynamic load-bearing capacity
  • Easy processability & colorability
  • Free of BPA

Thanks to these properties, they are excellently suited for applications in direct contact with body fluids, drugs, or active ingredients. They also have outstanding resistance to alcohol-containing disinfectants, particularly in comparison with other transparent materials. They comprise the products:

  • TROGAMID® Care MX73
  • TROGAMID® Care MX97


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