The next generation PEEK for implants

We boost the next generation of PEEK introducing our new VESTAKEEP® Fusion product line - for accelerated bone healing of your metal-free implants.

Functional additive - biphasic calcium phosphate

The osteoconductive properties of the new PEEK biomaterial were achieved by using a special functional additive - biphasic calcium phosphate - and allow bone cells to adhere to implants more quickly, thus positively influencing fusion, so called osteointegration, at the boundary between the bone and the implant. This, in turn, will accelerate bone fusion and convalescence.

VESTAKEEP® Fusion at the glance

In-vitro study

Preclinical study

Mechanics & Processing


  • Enhanced cell attachment and cell proliferation (>30%)
  • Same excellent biocompatibility as all VESTAKEEP i-Grades

  • Natural image contrast in x-ray
  • Histology shows dense network of bone growth at implant interface
  • Bone histomorphometry shows ~2-fold enhanced bone apposition
  • Pull-out tests show >2-fold increased implant fixation
  • E-modulus similar
    to cortical bone
  • High ductility and
    impact strength
  • Versatile processing
    options with bioactive
    components presented
    on the surface including
    injection molding or
  • Calcium phosphates composition and other additives can be designed according to customer need

Enhanced cell attachment and cell proliferation (>30%)

Consciously developed for processing using a variety of production technologies, VESTAKEEP® Fusion will come both as a granulate and as a semifinished stock-shape product. Like all previous PEEK products, it can be milled, compression molded, and extruded as usual.

Evonik’s new osteoconductive PEEK biomaterial can also be injection molded in the proven manner. It has been specially designed so that the functional additives are available on the surface and no film formation occurs. In collaboration with Samaplast, a Swiss company specializing in plastics engineering, Evonik has successfully demonstrated and documented the processing characteristics of VESTAKEEP® Fusion in injection molding.